Friday, June 18, 2010


I decided I wanted the Life's a Breeze lip pencil from the To the Beach Collection and I knew I wanted two other goodies from the MAC PRO store downtown. I happened to pick up the last Life's a Breeze lip pencil they had! I took that as a sign that it was meant to be mine. ;)

A really nice light pink liner! Given my addiction to pink lipsticks, I wanted to give this a try.

Cantaloupe is an orange-based blush that is only available at the Pro store locations. On pale skin, it should be applied lightly. I wore it under Orgasm to give it an added pop of color and I really liked it that way.

Blonde's Gold is also only available at Pro locations, but if you can get it...please try it! What a great color! This is such a perfect shade for a neutral eye, but looks great with color too. I much prefer this to the Tan pigment I picked up a few weeks ago. I paired it with Nehru yesterday and love-love-loved it. This just might replace Melon as my favorite pigment!


Linh said...

Great haul! Cantaloupe looks GORGEOUS!

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