Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Survey

Hi guys! I'm finally starting to feel a little better! After almost two weeks of being ill, I'm ready to feel 100% better. I'll try to post up a blog tomorrow, as well. I'll go ahead and say that I will not have time to post on Monday. It's a holiday here and my husband's birthday. So I'll be out all day! :)

You know how I was sent the Maybelline Eye Studio Collection? There is a survey to take that will only take around two minutes of your time. The best part? $2 will go to a charity (The Redwood) with every completed survey! It's for a great cause and it gives the company feedback at the same time.

Click here to take survey!

So this is not all text, here's a picture of some macarons for you! So yummy!
More Macarons


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