Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mascara Collection

I have a few mascaras in my collection, so I thought it would be fun to compare them with mini reviews. I did have a few others but I threw them out in my last massive clean-up. I try to stop myself from buying one unless there is something that separates it from what I already have! If you'd like a more in depth review/pictures of a certain mascara, just let me know!

Rimmel Glam'Eyes
This is one of those purchases that I made for purely shallow reasons- I fell in love with the colors and design of the packaging! *slaps hand* In this case, my shallowness worked in my favor. The super-fine comb applicator makes sure that you get every single lash covered. It works great with separating the lashes and preventing the spider leg look with clumping.

Benefit BADgal Lash
I absolutely love this mascara! It's my favorite one to use for when I want the effect to be va-va-voom! I find that it gives me that longer and thicker look and doesn't clump on me at all. I know that many have a love-hate relationship with this one, so I'd assume it has everything to do with how your lashes are naturally. And I love the bigger applicator!

Benefit BADgal Plum
This does the same thing as the one above only it's an amazing purple color. With my eyes being blue, the plum really brings out the purple/blue in my eyes. I wear it for an extra zing. I love wearing it anytime I put on blue or brown.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection
The idea of a pulsing wand scared me at first. The vibrations are so fast and small that you really don't feel it. This mascara does a great job at curling my lashes while coating them evenly and separating them.

Maybelline Great Lash Clear
Not great for the lashes at all, in my opinion. The formula is more gel-like and takes a bit to dry. I use it for my eyebrows! It can also work to tame flyaway hairs if you're not near hairspray or gel.

L'Oreal Voluminous in Black/Brown

I often reach for this for those days that I want a lot of extra volume. The formula comes out really thick on the brush, so you have to scrape the brush against the tube once or twice. It's worth it though, because this mascara makes my lashes appear so thick!

Maybelline XXL Pro 24 HR Bold
The first end is what builds the volume. The second end of the tube is the waterproof topcoat. It definitely provides volume and they claim it lasts 24 hours. This mascara can be flaky if you add too much and can be annoying to get off.

Maybelline XXL Pro Curl
The first end primes and curls. I find it best to wait until the primer coat has dried before applying the second end. The second end gives the color and locks in the curl. My problem with this mascara lies in the wand. I find it hard to apply close to the eyes. And because of that, I can't get a great application.

Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions

My newest favorite mascara! This adds so much length! Again, apply the primer coat and let it dry. Then apply the second end of the mascara. It doesn't add a lot of volume, but you should see a significant improvement in length.

Maybelline XXL Pro Volume

Another primer basecoat and color topcoat. This is a great mascara for adding volume. It's very dramatic, so I only reach for it for night's out. I know that Maybelline says to apply before the basecoat dries, but I really find it better to wait for it to dry. I found that when the primer was still wet that the black from the mascara just mixed with it. I'm sure it works fine either way, because I've had no problem achieving volume with this!

TIP: The best way to make sure a primer and mascara coat the lashes well is to do a slight windshield-wiper motion with the wand as you move it through. That's the best way to get volume with a mascara!

Disclaimer: The Maybelline Pulse Perfection and all of the Maybelline XXL Pro mascaras were sent to me by a company. My review is my own opinion and I did not receive payment for it.


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