Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Be a Good Friend

I've decided to step out of my usual makeup/shopping/fashion box and post a list about friendship. It has come to my attention in my personal life that some people need a lesson in how to be a good friend.

How to Be a Good Friend
1. Give them reasons to have faith and trust in you.
2. Never stop being a friend over pride.
3. Don't share your big news through Twitter and Facebook first. I know it's easier, but face-to-face is always the way to go.
4. Do your best to be able to celebrate big days, anniversaries, and special moments WITH them.
5. Remember the dates of the big days, anniversaries, and special moments.
6. If their jeans make them look fat, tell them...not everyone else. In other words, don't talk about them behind their back.
7. Be willing to step in and stick up for them when needed. Be loyal.
8. If you make a promise, keep the promise.
9. Treat them the same way you expect to be treated.
10. Don't hold a grudge. Even if your friendship changes or you go separate ways, let go of the grudge and forgive. You'll both feel better in the long run.

There's more that it takes, but those are some major guidelines to follow. Please don't be guilty of being a bad friend! Who wants to be remembered that way?! :)


Chelsea Nicole. said...

See, I know all of these things, but it feels like a lot of my supposed 'friends' don't. I feel as if I have such high standards for them, but in reality...I'm just expecting them to be there for me!

This makes me think of that one quote...'we accept the love we think we deserve.' well, i'm done with wishy-washy friendships, i'm in it for real. i just wish some people were the same, you know?

end rant, lol! <3


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