Thursday, April 1, 2010

DC Haul Pt. 1- Container Store

I love traveling to cities that have Container Stores, so luckily I was near one when I traveled to DC! :) This store has such amazing products for organization and storage among other great items they have available. I know some of you may not get as excited as I do about such a store, so you can just overlook this post if you'd like!

I (surprisingly!) hate shopping for shoes. I have no idea how I outgrew my older shoe holders (which were similar to this). They also were taking up a lot of shelf space in my hall closet! I put each pair of shoes on top of each other instead of side-by-side, which has doubled the space available on the rack.

With my old belt rack, all of the hangers were on the same side so my belt clasps would get tangled. I like that this one has them divided by two sides. The scarf hanger holds 30 scarves!

I got the container to hold my rice. Rice is one of the quickest foods to get little critters (weevil insects, to be exact). You really shouldn't keep your rice in the boxes or bags that you buy it in. Keep it in the freezer or put it in airtight canisters. I got the white damask patterned trash can for my bathroom. The letter holders are now holding my palettes in my bathroom. The other four things pictured are: document holders for typing, a small funnel, a powdered sugar holder, and a jar opener. I swear by those jar openers- best I've ever used! I used my first one so much over the past four years that the rubber is slipping off.

Big damask shopper.

A binder to finally hold all of my loose menus I have lying around. It's sectioned by types- Mexican, Italian, Fast Food, etc. The folders are for recipes which are organized by type of meal. I have a habit of ripping out recipes from magazines, so this is perfect for storing them. The "All Out Of" is pretty much a grocery list that you check things off when you're out of them, so you won't forget during your next trip to the store. A matching magazine holder for my waste basket and letter holders set. And then a glass butter dish!

I get on a vitamin kick about once or twice a year. I know that it should be an all-of-the-time habit, but it just escapes my mind and I find myself forgetting. I'm hoping to get back into taking them and this dispenser has six sections. Perfect for small spaces where you just don't have room for big vitamin bottles to be laying around. The Gal Pal is a hot/cold water pack. The Purseket is a sleeve of pockets that fits around your purse and keeps it organized. Travel toothbrush holder and pink soap holder. A pill capsule and travel bottles. And plastic containers that I use for makeup and samples. :)

And that's it for the Container Store. My DC hauls will either continue tomorrow or Monday. Since tomorrow is a holiday and I have plans, I might not have time to post. If that's the case, I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend with your loved ones!


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