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Spring 2010 Trends

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Time for my takes on what's going to be "in" for this spring!

1. Tribal. Rather it be a safari-themed outfit or jewelry, any form of tribal is showing up.

2. Cardigans open with a belt. This allows you to show an adorable eye-catching blouse and have it shown, while the belt defines your waist.

3. Ruffles. These are showing up on dresses, purses, blouses, and even shoes!

4. Pastels. I love this trend! I incorporate it in my nails and my makeup the most.

5. Boyfriend blazers. It can be hard to find the perfect fitted blazer, so with this being a "boyfriend fit" it will make it a lot easier! These are meant to fit loosely and bigger.

6. Textures on nails. Lots of layered glitter. Patterns. Kick it up a notch!

7. Neutral eyes with cat-eye eyeliner. I love neutral eyes. The hardest part of this trend will be getting those flicks with the eyeliner just right.

8. Hair buns, ponytails, and braids. I love that these hairstyles are all about getting hair out of your face. Now all of the attention can be on your beautiful face! Get out those elastics and get creative!

9. Orange is the new pink. I don't like orange very much, but you can bust out the coral also. It just needs to be classified as being in the orange spectrum. If you don't think you can pull off orange, try it in small doses.

10. Nudes. Head-to-toe neutral colors!

11. Florals. I cannot get enough of florals. I want this trend to stay for a long time yet. It's so fantastically girly.

12. Cone-shaped heels. These are heels that are thicker at the top and go down in size to the point. They provide a bit more balance than stilettos. That's a giant plus!

These are just the ones that I am interested in. Is there a trend that I didn't list that you're happy about that's in fashion? What trend are you looking most forward to?


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Yesss!!! These are trends I can live with, totally excited about the neutrals and orange, boyfriend blazers.....actually just about everything!

Lyndsey Followill said...

Where did you find the skirt? I need it in my life.

Wendy Banner said...

You can find it at! The best part is they have adorable items and they ship to a lot of different countries! :)

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