Monday, March 22, 2010

Lip Erase & Hiatus!

I got Lip Erase in my haul from the other day. You can see a back-of-the-hand swatch in my last post. Here I will show what it looks like on the lips.

I've said it before but my lips are highly pigmented. The above picture does no justice as it was taken with the flash on! To show a true color of lipstick, I like to cancel out the pigmentation in my lips. Otherwise, nudes end up looking like pinks. Light pinks end up looking rosy. You get the idea. I had been using concealer to do the job and it does!

I decided to try Lip Erase (in Pale) to see if it would work any better. It was a lot smoother to put on, but it definitely highlights any dryness in your lips. Moisturizing your lips with a balm before applying the Lip Erase helps that out. It's not supposed to make your lipstick last longer, only make the true color show.

Concealer gives the same results, honestly. So if you want to save money and can't get your hands on Lip Erase, that is alright! A creamy concealer does the same trick and lasts just as long. I will probably reach for my Lip Erase more, if only to keep my concealer a little longer and not run out as fast.

I'm officially on hiatus! This Thursday is our 4th wedding anniversary. I will either be back posting next Monday or Tuesday. :) I will then share hauls, pictures, and details from our vacation! I hope you all have a lovely week. ♥

P.S.- I will possibly be posting pictures up on the Fashionable Heart facebook page from my vacation! So become a fan and let's chat on FB! :)


Victoria said...

Hi there,

I don't seem to have had a response to you winning my giveaway? Please get in touch if you would like your prize.


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