Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts

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I'm sorry for not updating yesterday, but it was a holiday here so I spent the day with my hubster. :) That brings me to a question? Do you guys like that I update daily or should I just start updating maybe once every three days? Let me know what you think!

I thought I would share a few of my Valentine's Day gifts. My husband has a "Wendy Wishlist" that I update every now and then that he can get ideas from. I had no idea that he planned on spoiling me so much this weekend. I think he just knows that I've been having a rough time the past few weeks and just wanted to do something to make me smile. I could tell he put a lot of thought into everything and that is what makes me smile. I might be materialistic at times, but trust me when I say that I know that holidays are not measured by the gifts that you get.

With that said, this blog is all about gifts, hauls, reviews, etc. So dang it, I'm gonna share what I got with you! Ha!

He knows I love Bath & Body Works, but he had no idea what scents I have/like. He actually guessed with this one and he had no idea that it's one I've been meaning to try! It also came with a cute pink frame that I'll put a picture of us in. :)

What's Valentine's Day without yummy items? The two pictures above are likely to cause a sugar overload. The first picture is all Laura Secord. Yes, those are Sex & the City chocolates! I haven't opened them yet, but all of the girls have their own flavors and chocolate design. I'll take pictures later. The second picture has my pumpkin coffee K-Cups, a sugar cookie, and random chocolates and candies.

My first blue box!

Vera Wang Princess perfume, Old Navy giftcard, same Tiffany box as above, and the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette. A review and pictures to come on the Princess perfume and UD palette!

Inside my Tiffany box? A Tiffany key! It's very delicate and it really is perfection.

Not Pictured:
Toronto Rock lacrosse game- I got on the jumbo screen at the game! Wee!
Toronto Rock jersey with my favorite player's number on the back
two lovely dinners out on Saturday and Sunday evenings
breakfast in bed on Monday morning
Gossip Girl Seasons 1-2 DVD
yellow roses with red tips
and a few other little random knick-knacks. <3

All-in-all, it was a lovely weekend. I've never really minded Valentine's Day, even when I was single. I love LOVE and enjoy any day that I get to put it in the spotlight even more. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and spread a little love and joy to your loved ones!


Kerri Fortune said...

-you were deffinitely a lucky girl this weekend, but you deserve it all :)
-tiffany key, sex and the city choclate, vw princess &up book of shadows i'm soo jealous
- and for the question i think we know what my answer is, daily :) but you can take days off because dang girl you really work hard on your site!

Unknown said...

What amazing gifts! I am so so jealous!
LOve your blog,

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