Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Off-Topic: Keurig K-Cups

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If I could ever remember showing my shopping haul from when I went home for Christmas, then you guys would already know that I got a Keurig coffee brewer! Because I seem to forget things that I plan to post about...I'm giving the Keurig brewers a post of their own! So many people are learning about these amazing little machines. I am personally in love with mine!

Not only can you get the K-Cups, but they also offer the My K-Cup filter so that you can also use your fresh ground coffee! I've been adding to my collection since December. I have the variety pack that the machine came with, which is actually a great start to the collection! I won't go into detail of all of ones that I have, but my absolute favorites are from Timothy's Coffee. They are a Canadian brand, but you can buy them online and in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My favorites are the flavored coffees- Hazelnut and German Chocolate Cake. My favorite K-Cup that is not coffee is Timothy's White Hot Chocolate. Delicious!

You can ask me about my Keurig or what Cups I have, if you have any further questions. If you own a Keurig, tell me what your favorite K-Cups are!

P.S.- A great big thank you to my new followers and those that have entered my giveaway! Also, I changed my blog layout! :)


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