Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MAC Haul

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This small haul is from when the Gaga and Cyndi lipsticks were released. I'm just now getting around to posting it. Tomorrow, I'll post what I got during yesterday's shopping trip!

I will be reviewing the Cleanse Off Oil soon. I got the Phloof! with B2M, so yay for freebies! It's a fantastic highlighter shade for both the brow bone and for your face. It does have shimmer so if you prefer matte, then I would not suggest this.

I wanted to compare Gaga to Colour Crafted because some people were thinking it's similar. I don't really think so. Gaga is a much cooler-toned lipstick. I was also trying to show how Gaga can be layered to create a more vivid pink, but my swatch failed miserably when being photographed. Also because it is a cool shade, I would not recommend this to girls with olive skin.

The new pigment packaging from the top. I think I will do a comparison later on of the old vs. new packaging like I did with the new quads.

Golden Olive pigment swatch. This color is gorgeous. I've been wanting it awhile and I'm really glad I finally broke down and got it!

To show how Viva Glam Gaga can be layered lightly and not be a bright pink! Had I put about two more layers, it would be closer to the Pink Nouveau lipstick. I also have Phloof! on as my highlighter on my cheeks, nose, and brow bone. :)


Melissa said...

i like the lip colors. i cant pull off pinks though :(

Unknown said...

I really want to get viva glam gaga! It looks gorgeous :) XO

Wendy Banner said...

Mel- I think you can pull off pink, but just maybe not lighter shades. I think you'd look amazing in a peachy tone or one closer to magenta. :)

Hannah- It's super amazing in person. It looks crazy in the tube, but it is actually pretty sheer with the first layer. I love that the color is buildable! I'm so happy it is around for a year, which gives me enough time to get some backups!

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