Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you hear a loud bang, that's just me throwing my laptop against the wall. I'm suffering from major computer malfunctions at the moment. I believe it all started with a Facebook virus. Someone added me to their list and my account instantly added them back. I had never heard of the name, but I did notice right before deleting them from my friends list that the account was using the email of a former contact of mine. In further searches, I noticed that there were about 30+ accounts under that same name. The name in question is "Alphonse Dupont". Please be careful of this!

Just one day after that, I got a blue screen on my computer. Now my drives and programs are acting up. Luckily, I have everything backed up. So I'll be completely rebooting my computer momentarily. Due to this happening, I don't have my pictures on hand to do a post for today. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you can assume that I'm still having computer issues. :( Bleh!

And be on the lookout for any viruses. It's sad when you can't even be safe on Facebook...


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