Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old Navy Haul

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1-2. Bubble sleeve tops in Weeping Wisteria and Peacock. They were out of purple, which really saddened me. It did give me a chance to get a bit of color into my fall wardrobe, though.

3-4. Banded scoopneck tops in Gold and Bougainvillea. I think the gold one is going to be perfect for around Christmas!

5. V-neck in black. Basic. Always needed and wanted. I'm forever layering these over colored tanks. I didn't have a v-neck in black, so I scooped up the last one they had available in my size.

6. Double breasted wool jacket in Chinchilla. I'm in love with this jacket. Best part? It has a magenta lining and it's gorgeous. Can't wait to wear it! The wool is extremely soft and the funnel neck is going to be great for fighting off the chilly winter winds here. It also comes to my knees, which is a great length. I'm very tall and I'm always happy when a jacket that is meant to go to my knees actually does. With that said, if you're shorter, this is going to give you more length under the knees.

I took full advantage of the 50% off outerwear sale, plus I had a 15% off survey discount code. So I got an amazing deal with this shopping spree! And just a warning that there will probably be another Old Navy haul for next week, because this weekend is the Give & Get Sale. What's not to love about 30% off with a percentage of what you spend going to charity? I'm absolutely all for that!


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oooh magenta lining!!
You've got some great basics you can wear over and over again there.
Those bubble sleeves look fun!

Florrie x

Eternally Fixated said...

luv it!!!!

Love your blog!!!!

Pls check out our Fashion Style & Celebrity Gossip blog!

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