Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Old Navy Haul

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This haul is part Old Navy Outlet in Michigan and part Old Navy shopping trips over the past few weeks. I might be forgetting an item or two, because I usually just search for what's available on the website to get a better picture for you. It's seriously hard to take pictures of clothes!

1-2. Stretch tanks in purple and black. I actually got two black ones. I got a white one two or so years ago that is my absolute favorite tank in the world and I looked everywhere for more. This is the closest to it that they have released since then! What I like about the fit of this tank is that it's a little longer for layering and the best part is the neckline. It doesn't slip down showing the world what it doesn't exactly need to see, if you catch my drift!

3. Ruffle tank in heather gray. I love ruffles! Layering this under a simple cardigan spices it up a bit.

4. Argyle patterned sweater in purple. I love the preppy feel behind argyle prints.

5. V-neck sweater in Goodnight Nora (blue). Simple sweaters are always a staple item of fall/winter. They provide the perfect base for bold jewelry.

6. Bubble sleeve top in Goodnight Nora. This is one of my new favorites! I'm honestly thinking of going and getting a few more colors. It fits me perfectly without being too tight or too baggy. I always say if it fits perfectly, stock up! It's rare to find that perfect item that does all of the right things.

7. Perfect v-neck in purple. I have so many tank tops for layering that I'm constantly wearing v-necks and scoop necks to show the tanks under them. A v-neck to me screams ultimate casual comfort.

8-9. Yoga pants. One pair has a flower type print and one says love across the band in the back. I love ON's yoga pants and capris. I'd live in them if I could. They are so comfortable! I sometimes use them just to lounge in and sometimes even to sleep in. And I always wear them to do my Pilates or Yoga! I know a lot of people swear by Lululemon, but I don't mind sticking to my ON pants at all. :)


Cass said...

I'm a little jealous, couldn't find the purple argyle in my size. :-( But the flip side is I'm wearing the pink one right now and I love it to death!

Same thing with the bubble sleeve tee, I picked it up in purple & black. They work for out with friends or paired with dress pants @ work.

Good haul!

Wendy Banner said...

Well, see I'm jealous now! My store didn't have the pink! It was between purple and gray! :)

I love the bubble sleeve one so much. I want to go and definitely pick up the purple! And it is so comfortable. You're right, though. It's a perfect shirt that can go casual or dressy. Love that!

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