Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Questions Meme

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I'm still at my MIL's house helping with Nan. My SIL and BIL have been on vacation for the past week and a half or so. Some of the posts I'd like to do will have to wait until I'm home again, because I didn't pack too many things while I'm here. It's only a five minute ride home, so why bring everything but the kitchen sink? :) I figure I haven't done a questionnaire in a while, so why not?!

If you want to do this, post your answers in the comments or on your blog! And link me to them, so I can read your responses!

1. Dramatic eye looks or Natural Eye looks?
Natural for most days. I like to save the dramatic looks for special occasions or for days that I'm just in a fun mood to experiment.

2. Matte or Shimmer Shadows?
I often use matte ones (like my Coastal Scents 88 Pc. Matte Palette), but I love a little shimmer sometimes. Or I make the matte ones shimmer a bit by adding a shimmery base.

3. Purple Pinks or Blue Greens?
Purple pinks. I love working with purple! I've done a few blue looks, but unless it's dark blue it's looks too 80s with my already blue eyes. I enjoy greens though!

4. Lips with gloss or without gloss?
Gloss! I'm a gloss fanatic. Unless a lipstick has a shiny-type finish, I always top it with lip gloss as well. I often just wear tinted lip gloss when I go out.

5. Contour Or Bronzer?
Contour. Even with my bronzer, I only mainly use it as a contour. I care more about shape than color on the face.

6. Nude lippies Or Pink Lippies?
How about a meet in the middle answer? A pink nude!

7. Coral or Pink Blush?
Pink. I have discovered that I don't exactly pull off coral that well. I'm also lazy and find that it is way too easy to overdo coral blush and I hate having to buff it in to make it look good. With pink, it's much easier to add more if needed. My opinion, of course!

8. Drugstore or Departmental Store Makeup?
A mixture of both. A great majority of what I own is department store, but many of my all-time favorites are drugstore brands. Contrary to what many might think, I'm not a makeup snob at all. If I like a product, it's because of the product and not because of the name stamped on it. For example- I'll take my L'Oreal Bare Naturale powder foundation over Bare Minerals foundation any day.

9. Sponge or Brush for LIQUID foundation?
Sponge. It works much better with my dry skin. I sometimes use a brush, but I prefer the final look that a sponge provides. I just dampen the sponge, stipple it on, and then rub in the foundation with the sponge.

10. TAG or Tutorials?
I like both. I don't mind doing tags or tutorials (even when I suck- haha!).
When tagged, I try to do them. And if I come across a look that I like, I'll post a tutorial (or at least a FOTD post). As far as YouTube goes, I've only done one tag video. I don't think I'm anywhere near good enough to post video tutorials. I'd rather not fuel the mean girls out there with reasons to ridicule me. Even some of the best artists get too many nasty and rude comments. It's just not right. :(


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