Friday, October 9, 2009

E.L.F. Haul

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So I was chit-chatting with Melissa on here about ELF products and I've been wanting to try them a long time. She told me that they have a 50% off discount code right now. With a little looking around on Retail Me Not, I found quite a few codes that are in effect. The 50% off code that I used was "facebook". It takes the 50% off of your items up to a $15 discount. So thanks for the head's up, Melissa! :)

I used it and saved $8, which completely covered the extra shipping to Canada. That extra $8 shipping is so bogus. I don't mean shipping is just $8. I mean that it's the $6.95 + an additional $8! Not to mention that if it's over US$20, Canadians have to pay even more for handling and taxes. It's ridiculous. It's nowhere near as bad as Urban Outfitter's $50 S&H, but it's just not necessary to charge that much just for shipping to Canada. Anyway, I won't complain too much since I did save the money this time!

Here's what I ordered! I'm excited to get it and try it!

This is getting pretty good reviews over on MUA. It's supposed to be comparable to the NARS duo compact of Laguna and Orgasm. I only own Orgasm, but I'll do a side-by-side swatch when this compact arrives.

I got a few brushes to try, as well! I'm not a brush snob at all. I know it seems like I swear by MAC and Sephora items, but I only own two (I think) professional brushes and not a single MAC one. Not that I don't want one, I just always find makeup that I want to spend my money on more. And I really love my Quo brushes from Shoppers Drug. I'm looking forward to making a Sigma order soon, though...which are supposed to be very comparable to MAC at a fraction of the cost. I'll be sure to review these ELF ones, though.

I got the eyebrow kit in light. I originally have been wanting to try the Urban Decay eyebrow kit, but it's way more expensive. I really didn't want to spend that much just in case I end up not liking it. So I decided to order this and try it out. If I don't like it, it's only a $3 loss!

Have you tried any of E.L.F.'s products? What do you like or dislike?


Unknown said...

:D Aww thanks for the mention! Haha, No problem! Can't wait to read your reviews!

Angela said...

hey girl

ive never tried elf products before but I really want to try them because they are inexpensive and got good reviews.

and btw im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

Meredith said...

I've never even heard of ELF products, but I hope your new purchases work out for ya! I'm a die-hard Bare Escentuals girl myself. =)

Unknown said...

check out their will be surprised!

lol and no i'm not a rep or anything, just a huge fan of their stuff.


Wendy Banner said...

@Angela- I'm very excited to receive them and try them out! Thank you so much for the follow! I'm a follower of your blog now, as well. Looking forward to getting to know you more!

@Meredith- I've been wanting to try more Bare Escentuals. I had the Bare Minerals foundation awhile back, but it broke me out. I think it was the old formula, because someone told me that they changed it. I really want to try the matte one soon!

ELF products are getting a nice following now and some pretty good reviews! Being one that can't say no to a bargain, I just had to put in an order to try them. :)

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