Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take it elsewhere.

I will say all of this once and only once. I will not tolerate drama on my website, nor will I tolerate rude comments. We can disagree on things and I will respect your opinion, but you will not come on here just to attack me. If for some reason you have a problem with me, please feel free to stop visiting this site or following me.

I don't hide that I like superficial things in this life, but my life is more than just that. Those that take the time to know me already know that. This blog is my beauty blog. It's my place to talk about the fickle things. It's not a place that I talk about my private life. This is not a place where I will get too personal. I keep those details in a private blog, if they are blogged about at all.

I'm sorry if any of you are upset with me because I have one too many pink lipglosses or if I only talk about beauty stuff. I don't deserve to be told that I'm a gold digger (basically), because I actually use a lot of my own money that I have saved. I don't completely rely on my husband, not that any of you really need to know that. If I did only rely on him, I don't really see how any of that is anyone's business. I get these products and items for myself. I choose to share my reviews of them. That's all that should really matter.

I am not going to go to moderating my comments right now, though if insults are continued, I will. I'll still allow anonymous users to comment only because I have friends that are not on blogger that visit my blog. As always, if leaving a comment anonymously, I'd love for you to leave your name with your comment. I like to have names of those that I am talking to. Even if leaving a negative comment, stand behind your words and leave your name.

I follow the golden rule of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". I expect my readers to follow that, as well. This is a place for positive energy and fun! Thanks for all of the nice comments, the follows, and for reading my blog. I love you guys!


Unknown said...

Ignore the negative people they so are not worth your time.

Tammy! :D

BTW, Avon sells Mark. and apparently Mark. is comparable to Mac! :P

Wendy Banner said...

I've been meaning to try Mark. I know Lauren Conrad from The Hills loves it. I'll look and see what there is that I like. If I order it online, is there a code that I can put in to prove you're the ambassador? Or does it have to be by the little booklet?

I ask because sometimes they have a sale online that they don't have in the books. :) And if I was going to order something anyway, it might as well help a friend getting started. <3

Tammy said...

Ooops....I should have come back. Mark. doesn't have a booklet online I have to give it to you...and then you can order online through the avon website. If you order online then you have to give my name, phone no. and possibly my email address in order for me to get the credit. If you want to see a Mark. booklet let me know and I will get one to you as soon as I get my next batch in. :)

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