Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So sorry.

Sorry there wasn't an usual daily post from me today! My MIL has had eye surgery and I was watching over my husband's elderly grandmother while he took his mom to the doctor. After that, we enjoyed his day off!

I went shopping yesterday and today, so I will absolutely do a few haul posts on that. :) We also saw All About Steve, which I hope to review on here. So funny! Anyway, I'll get back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Same blog channel. Same blog time. :P

Now, I'm off to watch Big Brother (go Kevin or Jordan!)! Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday.


Ashley Danielle said...

I went to see All About Steve with my mom last week and I was surprised that it was actually pretty funny since I really wasn't looking forward to seeing it.

Wendy Banner said...

Yes! I didn't really have high hopes for it, but I thought the preview for it looked cute. It pleasantly surprised me! So funny! I'm a bit on the cusp about the ending- I liked it but I guess I don't really enjoy open endings. :)

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