Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Navy & Gap Hauls

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For fall months, I'm all about basics for the most part. I love getting things that can be easily layered on top of each other or that looks great under cozy cardigans. I find it not to be so much about the prints (since they are often covered by sweaters and jackets to fight the chill), but to be about the accessories. It's that time of year to go chunky, colorful, textured, and to make a statement. I love it! Fall is my absolute favorite season!

Had a 15% off discount coupon, so yay!

Tie-drop waist shirt in Oceanside- I don't have that many things in this color and sometimes I just feel like I need a burst of color. Even better when it's a color I don't wear that often!

Floral gauze shirt- I'm not ready to give up my florals just yet and this is a nice merge. The browns and purples in this shirt are perfect for autumn and make it less summery.

White v-neck shirt- A necessity in anyone's closet! Can layered under or on top! I can't believe I did not have one yet, but I took inventory of my closet and realized that I didn't. I had another white basic shirt and I haven't a clue where it got to. Better yet, I got this on clearance for around $5. Score!

I also purchased a light brown pin-tucked type sweater that I'm waiting to bust out when it gets cooler. Old Navy doesn't have a picture of it online, but I believe they are calling the color "wise owl". They have a few other items in that color and I absolutely recommend it as a fall neutral. It's a nice muted brown that would look wicked with a pair of brown boots. :)

Oddly enough, I don't shop at Gap that often. I find a lot of their stuff to be overpriced. I much prefer Old Navy, but I do often find a few things I like. It helped that I had a 25% off coupon. :)

Ribbed tank- I got two of them because they happened to be on sale for $7. I got a purple and a blue color. I couldn't find the exact colors online. I got these for layering. I'm wearing the blue one right now and it is so comfortable!

Purple plaid scarf- I love purple! I love plaid! Put them together and you have a happy Wendy! This scarf is nice and long so that you can tie it in different ways. I love scarves. I rarely go without one these days!


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