Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Nail Polish Colors

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I love these colors from Sephora by OPI's collection! I think these are the four that I really have my eyes on for this autumn. Hopefully I can get at least one! I don't really tend to do brighter colors on my nails during the fall months. I like these all for different reasons.

Because I Said So- What a great bordeaux color! It makes me think of cranberries, which in turn makes me think of Thanksgiving.

Caffeine Fix- A nice dark purple! I love purple on nails. It allows you to be dark but with a little bit of added flair.

Metro Chic- A muted gray-purple color. Along with purple, gray is a mainstay color for fall. So this gives you the best of both worlds.

Set The Mood- If doing a pink nail, I think this is the shade to do it. It's in that purplish pink shade family so it calms it down. Pink is hot right now and this shade looks just right.

Is there a nail polish you are loving right now? :)


Ashley Danielle said...

I'm really liking Orly's Once Upon A Time collection. Especially Pixie Dust and Happily Ever After. I'm itching to make a new polish purchase!

Wendy Banner said...

Ooh, I'll check them out! I've never tried an Orly nail polish. I have heard good things about their formula and colors, so I don't know why I've procrastinated. :)

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