Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Benefit Haul

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I normally buy my Benefit products from Sephora, but I wanted something specific that they did not have there. I went on their website and then found other goodies that I just "had to have". :) I used a discount code to save 10% (which is "heythere", by the way) since it was my first online purchase. Along with your purchase, you get two samples. I don't know what those will be, so I guess that will be a bit of a surprise. I'm hoping that one will be You Rebel Lite, as I would like to try it before buying it. As always, when I receive it all I'll post pictures, reviews, and swatches!

Betty cosmetics case. I wasn't originally going to get a case, but when I saw that it's on sale right now from $20 down to $5 I decided to get it! It has places for brushes as well as pockets for your other makeup and can fit in your purse easily for daily touch-ups. Plus, it's adorable.

Eyeshadow/liner in Bunny Hop. This color has been discontinued, so I got it on clearance. It would normally be $19, but I got it for around $14. I tend to use these more as a base as I do with paint pots from MAC. They are a little too light in color by my standards to use them as a liner. It might make for an ok eyeshadow on its on for those days that you don't want to look like you are wearing makeup, as well.

Eyeshadow/liner in Samba-dy Loves Me, which is a limited edition color. I've heard this is similar to MAC's Rubenesque (which I own) and also their All That Glitters eyeshadow. I'll have to see it and swatch it to find out. Many people find that they prefer these to paint pots because of the formula. I do think they are a bit creamier, but I have the same ease of applying both so maybe I've just been lucky with the formulas. I've had my other creaseless shadow from Benefit (Busy Signal) for over a year and it's still really creamy with no drying. Just be sure to tighten the cap after each use. I actually did not use it for a long time and since rediscovered it when I found that it paired well with Style Snob.

California Kissin'. The best part of this one is that I'm getting it for free! Right now, if you spend more than $35, you get this gloss with your order! I've been curious about it, so I'm excited to try it. And if I don't like it, no money lost. :)


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