Monday, September 28, 2009

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows

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I have three Benefit Creaseless Shadows, which is basically their version of a MAC Paint Pot. I really like both Benefit's and MAC's and can't say that I have a favorite. Both are exactly even in ways of long-lasting color, smooth bases, and ease of application. Some say Benefit is easier to blend because it's creamier.

The first one was given to me as a gift last year. It got lost in my makeup collection for awhile, I must admit. However, I recently rediscovered it and have used it many times. It's called Busy Signal. I know I talked about it in a recent post when I was talking about MAC's Style Snob eyeshadow. It's a great base and crease color for a brown smoky eye!

My newest ones are Samba-dy Loves Me (a close dupe for this is MAC's Rubenesque Paint Pot) and Bunny Hop. They are a bit similar in color, but they reflect light differently and look completely different when adding two layers of color. Samba-dy Loves Me is LE and Bunny Hop has been discontinued. I believe you can still find both on Benefit's website, though.

Swatches (in same order as picture above):

Do you have a Benefit Creaseless Shadow that you love? I really want to get a few other colors at some point!


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Ooh they look nice. I love Benefit, maybe I'll try them. =]

Florrie x

Wendy Banner said...

The color payoff is really nice! If you have tried MAC, you should like these! :)

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