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MAC Pigment Uses

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MAC Pigments can be used for several things, so I thought I would share a few with you! If you have another way of using them, please share!

  1. Obviously the first use is as an eyeshadow. A little goes a long way! Just make sure to start with a base like UDPP, MAC's Paint Pots, etc. so that the loose powder has something to hold on to. If you want the foil effect, simply spray your brush with water, Fix+, or a saline spray. If powder falls onto your cheek while applying, don't rub it away because that just smears it. Take a fluffy brush and just brush it off! If using it loose is not your cup of tea, you can make them into a solid. You just need an empty jar or eyeshadow pot and alcohol. Mix it together, even it out, and let it dry.
  2. Eyeliner. Dampen the brush first.
  3. As a blush! Just be sure to tap the excess powder off.
  4. Lipgloss. Mix your pigment with some petroleum jelly and you have a lovely new lip color.
  5. Nail polish. I use an empty pigment sample pot and mix clear nail polish with the pigment. It lasts a long time on nails and has a really nice metallic finish.
  6. Shimmer. Add a nice color like Vanilla or Melon to your body lotion and you have a nice body shimmer.
  7. Highlighter. You can add a color like Vanilla to your foundation and it will add a nice glow to your face. Similar to Benefit's High Beam.
  8. Hair. If you want to add a streak of color to your hair, just add some pigment to your styling gel or pomade. Obviously, the color will show up more on lighter hair colors but the glimmer will show on darker colors.
I should specify that not all pigments are created equal, meaning that some cannot be used on the eye and some cannot be used on the lip. Don't be afraid of pigments! With a little practice, they are easy to learn how to use. If wanted, I can do a post on how to apply them to the eyelid.


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