Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shredded Leggings

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So I was looking at shopbop because they sometimes have some great sales, but then I came across a section on ripped leggings. First of all, I understand ripped jeans and people wanting that shredded look and I absolutely adore leggings. However, I don't get this trend at all when it comes to shredded leggings. I don't want to walk around with a run in my pantyhose, so why on earth would I wear leggings like this? It seems so tacky (in my opinion, of course). Worst of all? They are all around $100.

If you really want this look, do yourself a favor and save some money. You can buy a pair of leggings at Walmart or F21 for around $12 and you can buy some fabric scissors in the craft section while you are there. And now, F21 even offers shredded ones for a decent price. If you are spending more than $20 on leggings (especially these with only half of the material), then could you please send some of your extra money my way because I can definitely think of some things that are better to spend your money on! :)



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