Monday, June 22, 2009

Bomb(er)s Away!

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A few weeks ago, I put in an order to Alloy (again!). This time I had autumn weather in mind and took advantage of a super great clearance sale. I got the long plaid bomber jacket for $40! It comes to mid-thigh, has a detachable fur-lined hood, and a nice lining inside. It's multiple shades of blue, purple, and gray. I'm not-so-secretly praying for fall to get here quickly so I can wear it!

I've said on here before that Paris Blues are my favorite brand of jeans. They actually know how to make a pair of good plus-sized jeans where they don't make the leg three times too big. I carry more of my weight at top, so it really bothers me when I try on a pair of bootcut and they've made them more like a wide-legged fit just because they think all plus-sized women all have horribly huge legs. It's ridiculous. With that said, their jeans actually fit like they do on the smaller sizes. Everyone can find a happy medium with this brand!

I normally buy a darker wash, but I decided to try out the lighter ones. They're ok! I figure I might wear them a bit this summer with a cute peasant top and flip-flops. As long as your jeans fit properly, a lighter wash can look good. I don't really like the lighter wide-legged pants because they can add weight on anyone. I don't know about you, but I don't want something that is going to add weight to my build!



SarahGermaine7 said...

I've never worn Paris Blues but I have the same problem...all of my weight is in my hips and stomach area...but my legs are pretty small...and jeans are always so baggy! I'm going to have to try a pair out I think!

Wendy Banner said...

The best part is that they are only around $35 at Alloy. And sometimes you can get them on clearance for $20. I swear by the Scoop pocket jeans! I buy a size down because they have stretch in them.

The only ones that I felt did not work well were the skinny jeans, because they looked more like a straight leg on me!

LB said...

I may have to buy a pair soon for the Parabelle concert.


OHHHHHHHH, feel free to change my link from the one you have listed to


Wendy Banner said...

OMG, I'm so jealous! I wanna see Kevin! :D

I changed your link! Look forward to seeing your reviews. I love reviews. :)

And thank you! I'm so happy to not deal with immigration for awhile. <3

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