Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My addictions run strong.

Currently watching: Rachael Ray Show
Currently eating: a 100 calorie carrot cake..and it's soooo good :)
Currently feeling: ok

I got one of those summer passport cards from Old Navy that you get stamps for certain purchases. My SIL gave me her card with a stamp already on it. So this weekend I got two more stamps with my flip-flops and shorts purchase. Only two to go before I get 40% off of one item. It's not that I would not buy this stuff anyway and it's helping me get that dress I want for almost half off! :D

1-2. ruffle tanks in safari olive and atomic purple
3. boyfriend cardigan in tan (one of my best purchases of late!)
4. flip-flop sandals in cool floral (so comfy)
5. PJ shorts (not the print I got- I got the Cayman Pink Geo ones, which is pink flowers)



flap jack said...

im sad that the 1$ flip flop sale does not apply to online. i cant make it to the store this weekend =[

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