Friday, May 29, 2009

May Favorites

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These are my top products for May. Obviously it's hard to pinpoint and narrow it down to these, but I use them everyday. They are my babies! :) Not sure why I only chose seven, but I think seven is a great number so there we have it!

1. Coastal Scents Blush & Contour Palette - This is amazing! If you have a round face like I do, you could probably use some contouring. It's a simple process. Come to think of it, I might just try to explain it in a future post!
2. Coastal Scents 88 Piece Eyeshadow Palette - One of the best makeup purchases I have ever made! There are so many combinations you can make. And for around $22, it's a great deal!

3. Urban Decay's Clean & Sober makeup remover- This is gentle enough for everyday use. And even after accidentally getting some into my eye, it was just a little uncomfortable. It's really gentle and works really well even for that stingy last bit of eyeliner and mascara!
4. Bare Escentual's Handy Buki brush - I love this brush. I use it instead of the brush in my Bare Naturale foundation. It's much easier to hold onto than the shorter kabuki brushes.
5. laura mercier egg-shaped sponges - I got these instead of the beautyblender sponge. I'm quite happy with them. I use one at night to take my makeup off with my Clean & Sober. TIP: To use them when putting on foundation, dampen it first. It won't suck in as much product.
6. L'Oreal's Bare Naturale foundation - This is probably my favorite foundation. It works extremely well for me. TIP: The best way to apply is to start at the apple of your cheeks. Buff out in circles.
7. philosophy the present clear makeup - I partly got this because I just did not want to spend so much money on the Smashbox primer. I'm pretty sure that I'll stick to this one. Like most philosophy products, it has not let me down. It moisturizes the skin and works great as a facial primer. My makeup stays on all day. A little bit goes a long way!



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