Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Urban Decay Friends and Family

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I got super excited when I found out it was Friends and Family time over at Urban Decay! That's 30% off of all of their products! I thought I was finally going to be able to get some things that I have had my eyes on. And then the inevitable happened...they don't ship to Canada. ATTENTION TO BIG COMPANIES- LEARN HOW TO SHIP TO CANADA! We are right beside the States. How difficult is it?! It's ridiculous. I am sick of places like Gap and Old Navy that don't ship here. If we have your store here, then you need to learn to ship here- minus the ridiculous shipping prices that Urban Outfitters thinks that they can get away with. Sometimes I think this is the downfall of me moving to Canada...

Anyway, I cannot take advantage of the sale. However, my readers in the States can. I recommend the Urban Ammo eyeshadow palette and both of the Primer Potions. :) The code is FNFS9.



Anonymous said...

You should do what we do when some place doesn't ship to APO (overseas military) addresses. Have it sent to a relative, and than have that relative mail it to you. Problem solved!

Wendy Banner said...

Unfortunately, I don't have anyone like that. And then I would have to pay shipping to them and shipping back to here and I really don't want to pay shipping twice. I did used to do that, but my grandmother was the only one that would do it for me or that I even felt comfortable asking to do so. :/

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