Monday, April 27, 2009

Save Old Navy!

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So AOL released a list the other day talking about brands that might go under in 2010. On that list? Old Navy! I cannot let this happen. That's my absolute favorite place to get a great bargain and cute clothes. How on earth can they keep Gap and Banana Republic going but not Old Navy? During this recession, I can afford way more things at Old Navy. Yes, I'm bitter. Anyway, here are some recent purchases from there!

1. a teal striped shirt
2. floral tank
3. striped tank (only I got a light blue)
4. plaid pajama shorts- so comfortable!
5. pink ruffle tank
6-8. black, blue, and purple flip-flops

I also got a blue v-neck with a heart-shaped peace sign on it. So cute! Thank goodness for 20% off coupons!



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