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Je t'aime Quebec City.

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Hotel de Glace
*Entrance to Ice Hotel
We left for Quebec City on Tuesday and arrived at the Quebec Hilton around 7pm. We were so tired from the 8.5 hour drive that we just stayed in the hotel. We went to the gift shop and ordered in from a little pizza shop. I got myself some poutine because I just had to compare it to what I get here. It was soooo good! So if you're ever in Quebec City and want to try poutine (a true Canadian delicacy), check out Pierrot.

The following day, we woke up early for some breakfast at Allegro. Then, we headed out to explore old Quebec City. It's really beautiful. It reminded me of a combination of Paris and London, or at least what I imagine those cities to be like. We did some shopping in a LOT of stores, because I could not stop falling in love with things every corner I turned. For lunch, we went to Crepe Breton. I love the name of that place- so tongue-in-cheek. I got a wonderful strawberry crepe with fresh cream all over it. Ooooh, I was in Heaven at that moment! After snapping away picture after picture, we left for our ride to the Hotel de Glace.

The Ice Hotel. What is to be said other than it is beyond impressive? Tres magnifique? Parfait? Oui, c'est parfait.:) Everything is made of ice. Everything! There were ice carvings all around. Tables and chairs with furs on them so that you could sit down. The themed rooms were impressive. The beds are made of ice with lights underneath them. There is a wooden crate put on top of that, followed by a covered mattress. They give you thermal sleeping bags for the night.
Our Room
*Our room- Suite #7
We also used the outdoor jacuzzis. It was cold getting in and out! You have to be completely dry when going to bed. When you get out of the jacuzzi, you are to dry off with a robe, a towel, and a hairdryer. To sleep, you can put your clothes and winter gear under your sleeping bag while you sleep. It gives extra insulation while also keeping your clothes from getting damp and being warm the next day. I about froze to death when I woke up and did not want to get out of the sleeping bag! I actually ended up changing in my sleeping bag.

But I'm jumping the gun there by talking about the next day, so let's get back to Wednesday evening. We toured the Ice Hotel and I learned my way around. We had dinner at their Auberge restaurant which was quite fancy. It ended up being perfect for our anniversary. Afterwards, we went to the ice bar in the hotel for our welcome cocktail in a glass made of ice. That was really neat! We got to try ice-sculpting while we were in the bar area. Haha! That was more fun than I thought it would be. Mine said "W ♥ L" and Larry's was a cat and I wrote Jade under it for him. :P Then, I went down the ice slide in the lobby. That was crazy fun!

With all of the ice, it got pretty slippery. I almost fell three times and I did actually fall once right on pure ice. Yeah, my knee and back did not like that. Luckily, no one was around. I was able to take my time getting up and walking it off. The cold air did not make it any better, but the jacuzzi later on did. I managed to make it all winter in Toronto without falling. I go to the Ice Hotel and on the first night- SLAM. Wonderful.

After waking up the next day, we had breakfast at Auberge and toured the hotel once more to say goodbye to it. It's Sunday now, so they have already started tearing it down as I type this. :( We then hit the road for home. For lunch/dinner, we stopped at St. Hubert for lunch. It's a restaurant that serves rotisserie chicken. It was pretty good. I had a lovely chicken and brie sandwich. The rest of the trip was boring as it was just us, the open road, and playing really loud music to keep us going!

To see more of my pictures, you can go to my Flickr (just click the pictures above). I will also be making an album on facebook when I get the chance. :) I had an amazing time and a wonderful trip. I find myself missing it right now and wanting to be back there. That's how I know it was good...when it leaves you thinking about it and wanting more. It was a trip I won't forget.

If given the chance, please travel to Quebec City. If you don't get the chance to stay at the Ice Hotel, you can still take a tour of it. It's a heck of an experience.



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