Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Once again, I just have to bring attention to Lady GaGa. She's in Paris right now. This was the outfit she just wore out.

She looks like she is wearing a quilt...a quilt that adds 20+ lbs. to her frame. Honestly, that is not a good fit. I give her mad props for walking and not falling in those shoes! And I really like the umbrella! If she just changed the fit of the dress and lost the hat, this outfit would be genius.



Anonymous said...

Paris...I'VE BEEN THERE! :)

I love her hat. I'm not quite understanding the reverse hoopskirt, but the hat and shoes are fierce.

Wendy Banner said...

Oh yes, maybe I should specify! I like the hat, I just don't like it with the outfit. :)

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