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I must apologize for not updating yesterday! I was so excited for my Pussycat Dolls/Britney Spears concert and getting ready for it that I barely even got online to check my email! Here is my review of the concert! :)

The Pussycat Dolls
I'm a pretty big PCD fan. I adore their music. Melody (girl on the left) has an amazing voice and sometimes I'm annoyed that she does not have more of the spotlight. They did all of their hits (plus newer songs) and they were an impressive opening act. It worked perfectly with Britney's set- burlesque group into a circus performance. Some people don't like their cover to Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire, but I actually like it. It sounded great live!

If I'm remembering correctly, this is the set list:

I Don’t Need A Man
Bottle Pop (Dance)
I Hate This Part
Wait A Minute
Whatcha Think About That
Don’t Cha
When I Grow Up
Jai Ho!

The Legendary Ms. Britney Spears
Holy cow! From the minute that PCD left the stage, the circus acts pretty much started. There were circus performers on both ends of the circular stage! They were amazing. Perez Hilton had the benefit of doing the opening introduction in a filmed scene...that was interesting. Britney looked beautiful when she came out. During a few songs there were magic tricks and more circus acts. She floated on a big umbrella, a big picture frame, and two men who interlocked their bodies. There were quite a few costume changes.

I really enjoyed the Bollywood remix of Me Against the Music. The dancing and outfits worked great for it! My only complaint is the price of the merchandise. Every single shirt was pretty much $40+. Her programs are $30. Tracksuits were $160-200. Though, there are some cheaper things. A tote bag was $20. There were collectible cups that are $2-3. And you can buy a feathered masquerade mask for $5. I can't remember the rest!

The set list was:

Perez/Parade Intro
Circus (Funky Remix)
Piece of Me
Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice
If U Seek Amy
Me Against the Music (Bollywood)
Get Naked
Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand
Do Something
Baby One More Time (Remix)
Womanizer (Extended Remix)
Circus Reprise: The Bow



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