Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine + MAC Hello Kitty Wishlist

Currently laughing: that I wrote Hello Killer instead of Hello Kitty (before editing) in the title bar
Currently giving a 2nd chance to: UPS...if Friday falls through, I'm going to kick them...very hard
Currently feeling: annoyed that my cat stepped on my laptop and closed it so I had to turn everything back on

So here is what I put on my Valentine wishlist for my husband. The first picture is the random things and the second picture is what I'm wanting from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection. Some of you might think that takes the surprise out of it all, but I have to respectably disagree. I am giving him choices to go by. And the only way you can get what you want from men is to just tell them!

Valentine's Day 2009

1. Coach Madison Leather Small Wallet in brass/pink - located here
2. Coach Madison Leather Wristlet in brass/pink - located here
3. Juicy Couture To Go - located here
4. Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette - located here
5. Tiffany & Co. Heart Wire Ring - located here
6. Gossip Girl Season One DVD - located here

MAC Hello Kitty Wishlist

1. Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish - located here
2. Hello Kitty Lipstick in Fresh Brew - located here
3. Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer in On The Prowl - located here



Anonymous said...

Wow, you get good stuff for Valentine's My husband and I just buy dinner and hang out. No cards, even. The last few years we've done Chinese delivery and Netflix. That's the best Valentine's gift!

OneToshira said...

I love hello kitty. I went and got some stuff too!

Joanna said...

oh my my my!! I WANT IT! *deep breathe* xP

i'm withadrem from LJ.

Wendy Banner said...

To anonymous:
We do dinner, as well. We have a tradition of going to one of two restaurants every year and usually seeing a movie. I think your tradition sounds absolutely fine!

To garage.glamour:
I just ordered some and I am so excited! :)

To Joanna:
Hello Kitty ftw! I think the packaging is so cute. I was so excited when I found out Hello Kitty and MAC were merging. :)

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