Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday has flare.

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I just put an order through Fred Flare recently. I am really excited to get it in the mail! :)

Risky Business Sunglasses- $11 - located here
I had to get these. They are like the ones that Kelly Clarkson wears in her new video for My Life Would Suck Without You. I do not deny that I am a fangirl, but nor can I deny that these glasses did not scream my name the minute I saw them. I normally don't like "Wayfarer"esque glasses, but this color is playful. And honestly, I can't justify spending $100+ on glasses that I would only wear for maybe a season or two.

Hello Kitty Cinnamon Candy Tin- $4 - located here
Maybe it's my love of Hello Kitty or the fact that Valentine's Day is so near...but I had to get these. I figure I will use the tin afterwards to store my earbuds in my purse. I'll give the candy to my husband, since I don't like cinnamon. It's a win-win situation!

Peace Sign Necklace - $10 - located here
My trademark is big necklaces, so I could not pass this up. It's so cute!



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