Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cell = Lifeline.

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So I ordered two new faceplates for my LG enV2 online last night from DayDeal. I really needed one for my phone and with my 10% off coupon code, I decided to get two! And if you are in the States, shipping on their cell phone accessories is free. If you're in Canada, it's still pretty cheap. The code is VDAY10 and is good until Feb. 8th, I believe. :) They have a lot of items for many phone models.

black sequined rubberized faceplate
I was going to get the red version, but they were sold out. Then, I thought...I like the black. It's classic and simple. It's one that I won't get tired of, so really I think the black was a good fit for me.

pink cherry blossom faceplate
I have been feeling extra girly lately and I adore pink. So this screamed "Please get me!" at me. How could I refuse? :D

This is my phone. The background has changed since then, but I still have the Coach daisy flower cell lanyard on it. And soon I'll have one of my pretty new faceplates on it.

My current background is one that I just recently cropped from a cute Juicy Couture picture. If your resolution is 320 x 240, feel free to use it. :)

Show me a picture of your phone or faceplate! I want to see!


P.S.- As always, I'm welcome to new text buddies. Just send your info to my email: wendy@fashionableheart.com!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy! I've been a subscriber to your RSS feed for a while now and love all the fashion advice and inspo you post. However, like a lot of people these days I've fallen on hard times and am starting to have a hard time relating. I just wanted to suggest that you think about injecting a little more of your personal life into your posts so that even when I can't go shopping, I can still enjoy your blog. Hope you don't mind the suggestion!

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