Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TV Tuesday

Currently wanting: to kill my computer
Currently drinking: water
Currently feeling: stupid

So it's been one of those days...and it is not getting any better. I just lost all of my music from iTunes. Not from my computer, but from iTunes.It is just so annoying to have to go back and put all of the music back in. I lost all of my play counts and playlists too. Bahhh! Scratch that! I just lost everything AGAIN!

Anyway, I am so happy that the holidays are over because that means TV shows are finally coming back! Tonight, I have Biggest Loser, 90210, Privileged, SVU, and Without a Trace to look forward to. Last night was new episodes of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Yay!

I'm terribly sorry that this is all I have for today. My mood just went south with this whole iTunes thing. I leave you with this hilarious music video from How I Met Your Mother. I don't even watch the show, but I find this hilarious. :)



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