Friday, January 2, 2009

Good News Friday

Currently reading: Nylon magazine
Currently listening: I'm Falling by Girls Aloud
Currently feeling: dirt poor

According to, Net-a-Porter is going to be launching an outlet website in February! Designer goods at a discount! It will be called I cannot wait for this and to see what deals will be available. Just what this girl on a budget needs!



Shannon said...

Hey, have you seen this website at It's got some great coupons/promotions from time to time on all kinds of goodies!!! One of my girlfriends introduced me to it, it's pretty awesome :-)

Wendy Banner said...

Yes! I adore that site and never buy anything online without looking at it first. I used it just the other night to find a coupon code for a free appetizer at one of my favorite restaurants. :) Love it!

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