Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me!

Currently out: downtown all day doing some shopping and get-togethers
Currently hoping: to find a nice cheap trip for Dominican
Currently feeling: tired...I've been waking up early and going to bed late for the past week

So, I thought I would post my Christmas swag! I had to wait because we were still celebrating as of Saturday night. :) We were supposed to be cutting back this year. I got a lot of things that I had been wanting!

- domain name on here
- 1 yr. subscription to LiveJournal
- 2 Threadless tees (in a post below)
- a promise to go to Dominican Republic early next year
- $250
- Books that have yet to be delivered: Ugly Betty The Book, Influence (by the Olsens), Marley & Me, Sex and The City movie book, Year in Fashion, and Harry, A History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon

- two Blair-esque bows in red and white

- Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume necklace, Viva La Juicy To Go perfume, Urban Decay shadows in Honey and Shag

- Old Navy stuff, of course. Blue lace cami, lightweight pink hoodie, blue and black boatneck tees, brown sweater, pink sweater hoodie

-Gilmore Girls seasons 6 & 7 which completes my set, Animal Crossing City Folk, Game Party 2, My Sims Kingdom, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion, $20 Old Navy giftcard, Coach penguin keyfob, Nylon, Flare, UK Cosmo, UK Glamour (not pictured), Cashmere Mafia Complete Series

-HP digital frame, Juicy Couture school set (I'm not in school...just addicted to office supplies and technically got in November, but meant for Christmas!), $25 Old Navy giftcard, 2 movie gift certificates (good for a movie, popcorn, and two drinks each), Tales of Beedle the Bard Collector's Edition, Vanilla Fields perfume set, pink beret that my mother-in-law knitted for me, Sex and the City wedding collection, Marie Claire, Life & Style, In Touch, Wii Music, Horton Hears a Who!, Golden Compass, The OC season 2

- close-up of the HP digital frame. It's pretty fun!

There might be a few other things, but they escape me at the moment. I had a lovely time downtown with my husband for Christmas, which was perfect. I got lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant, saw Four Christmases, and ran around here and there looking at Christmas decorations. :)



Mel Mel said...

aww yay cute stuff <333

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