Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's In My Purse Wednesday

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So I thought I would give you all a little look inside my purse. This is what I was carrying on Sunday and it actually changes quite often. =P I usually carry my black Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tote, but sometimes you gotta change it up a bit!

I've been carrying my brown doctor's satchel bag from H&M that I bought last year.

Coach Wristlet, coffee sleeve from Cup Couture (I don't use the cardboard sleeves at Starbucks! Every little bit helps. :D), Country Apple anti bacterial gel from Bath & Body Works, Roots wallet, reporter Moleskine for shopping lists, Marc by Marc Jacobs pen, Pooh notebook for random lists and notes, Starbucks Vanilla gum, Roots and Hello Kitty ID card holders, Hello Kitty band-aids, dental flossers from my dentist, Brush-Ups, collapsible cup, paper soap, Skull Candy earphones, purple chopsticks, and Coach mini-skinny with keys. I don't just normally carry chopsticks. I was going to go for Japanese food for lunch that day, but actually ended up going to Rainforest Cafe.

My 16GB 1G iPod Touch with sock and my LG enV2/Keybo

5 gum, Sephora mints, La Senza fold-out brush, Marc Jacobs heart mirror

Balmshell lipgloss, Sephora makeup eraser, Dior lipgloss, Dior Kiss lipgloss, Clinique compact, pill capsule holding Benedryl and stomach pills, Body Shop lotion sample that I carry instead of a big thing of lotion, Body Shop strawberry lip balm, Sharpie (never know if you might meet someone famous to get an autograph! :D), Cover Girl eyeliner, Aleve, Pink Cake chapstick from My Lip Stuff (amazing...please check it out!), C.O. Bigelow mint gloss, Buckeye that was my aunt's that I carry for good luck, and a hair clip.

beret that my MIL knitted for me and peace scarf

Not pictured: my red Kodak M883 camera used to take the pics :)

That's all for that day. I might do this again later on. =]



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