Friday, November 14, 2008

Fresh Friday

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I went shopping a week or so ago to Old Navy and got a few goodies. I'm actually going shopping on Sunday downtown, as well. Sunday is our Santa Claus Parade, so I'm waking up early enough to grab a holiday coffee at Starbucks and get a place by the road to freeze my butt off to watch the parade. :) Afterwards, it's time for sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant. And shopping, possibly a movie, and taking a stroll through the decorated streets. If that does not put me in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will! I will make a post next week of things that I bought.

Oh and I may be the only one...but I love the new Gap Holiday commercials. :D

blue fleece capris with a little deer on them, purple moose print tee, purple banded shirt, purple v-neck pocket tee, mustard sweater, royal blue sweater

And every single piece of clothing is amazingly comfortable. And the $10 sale was my best friend! I got every single thing for $10 or less. And that, my friend, is why this girlie loves Old Navy for casual pieces.



Mel Mel said...

im a happy girl because the one radio station here started playing holiday music on friday. its gonna be on all day everyday until the day after christmas yaay

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