Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally Random Tuesday

Currently thinking: about what to have for dinner
Currently excited: that we got our first snow here today! Yesss! :)
Currently feeling: sick to my stomach..woke up this way and I'm miserable.

On Sunday, Richard Selzer (aka Mr. Blackwell) passed away. He had been making his yearly list of fashion travesties and triumphs for 48 years.

Last year's worst dressed included:
Victoria Beckham
Amy Winehouse
Mary-Kate Olsen
Kelly Clarkson
Eva Green
Avril Lavigne
Jessica Simpson
Lindsay Lohan
Alison Arngrim

Last year's best dressed included:
Reese Witherspoon
Jemima Khan
Angelina Jolie
Helen Mirren
Nicole Kidman
Katie Holmes
Kate Middleton
Katherine Heigl
Cate Blanchett

I have to say I actually disagreed with him on quiet a few. I talked more about it earlier this year in this post. I thank him kindly for putting Fergie on his worst dressed, as she dresses horribly. Beyonce on the best dressed? I don't think so. I cannot argue with him on many of them, because he got it bang on with Reese, Katie, Fergie, Lindsay, etc. Seriously, I love leggings. I really do. Do I think they should be all you wear 24/7 and worn like normal pants? No, I certainly don't. Eeek!



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