Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Totally Random Tuesday

Currently watching: The Rachael Ray Show
Currently reading: 1984
Currently feeling: sore...I worked some muscles I don't usually work out the other day.

OK, so I'm hooked on online shopping. I can't hide it. It's convenient. It's quick. And a lot of the time, you will find exclusive online items. There is a Forever 21 downtown now, but I have yet to go into it. I surf the site sometimes to see what they have. I don't really care for their clothes, but I love their accessories. Right now, my main kick is bows. I can't deny it! So I bought a few hairbows on the F21 site. :)

1.satin headband in charcoal
2. safari print hair clips
3. red/black plaid headband
4. houndstooth headband

It came to about $25 Canadian with shipping! Not bad!



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