Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wacky Fashion Wednesday

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Ok, first off...I am appalled that Fergie has topped People's Best Dressed List. Seriously, People? Wow, it must have been a bad year for fashion if you consider Fergie to be the best dressed. Have you seen some of the outfits she sports? There had to be someone out there that would have been better to be chosen. What about Gwen Stefani? Leighton Meester? Jessica Alba? Anyone but Fergie...and even Rihanna should not have been on that list! My oh my!

Even though Fergie is in this picture, I am focusing in on Taylor Momsen. In this picture, it's not even her hair that I have so much of a problem with. The makeup is awful. And the dress looks as though she must have forgotten to get the bottom half sewn on. It's too short! You can see that she is even trying to cover up that fact by putting her clutch in front of her. Here's a thought- Buy a longer dress or wear opaque tights! She looks so uncomfortable and it hurts me to look at her new "makeover". I don't get it. Just because your character makes herself over, why are you applying it to your personal life? Please dress like you are 15, Taylor!



Anonymous said...

Ha, so true! Fergie would never make a best dressed list I create, that's for sure. :) Leighton Meester & Rachel Bilson wear incredibly cute outfits and always look put-together.

As for Taylor.. gross. She was in a recent Us Weekly issue where they say she "rocked" that eye makeup.

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