Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm getting old.

It's my birthday today! Because of how things have been, we've pretty much postponed celebrating but I think I might be getting an iPad 2 as my present. So if any of you have one, tell me everything you like or don't like about them! Anyway, I do have some things planned in the near future to blog about. I'm so sorry for my lengthened hiatus. My husband is starting to finally get back on his feet again. Hallelujah!

Not much else to report on, unless you like hearing about doctors, nurses, and hospitals. :P Hope you all have a fabulous week! And I can't wait to get back in here on a normal basis. I definitely miss the blogging community!


cotton2 said...

happy birthday!! :)
glad to hear your husband is doing well! & definitely miss your posts!

Cass said...

Happy birthday Wendy!

I'm so glad your husband is getting better. Was reading your tweets & getting mad FOR YOU over his friend's behavior. Crazy.

christine said...

happy birthday sweetie :)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!

frugalspender19 said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope everything continues to get better. Best of luck. :)

MissAntonia90 said...

Happy Birthday :)
You're young & beautiful!
My birthday is August 10th
and I will be 21. OMG.
Best wishes to you & your
family :) :)

elle said...

happy belated birthday!!! please come back soon!! its been a week or so since you posted :(


Wendy said...

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! :)

@Elle- You've got it! Just posted a new blog entry today. <3

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